New Innovations in Hair Replacement

Images International has been helping men and women address their thinning hair and hair loss for over twenty years. There has been much innovation in the field of hair replacement and Images International is always on the cutting edge of these new advancements.

Not Your Grandpa's Toupee

Twenty years ago hair replacement meant a thick toupee, perhaps taped on, which may or may not fly away with a gust of wind or in my grandfather's case a toy airplane flying by. There were terms for these contraptions, "hair pieces" or "rugs". They were easily spotted and required daily maintenance.

Through the years hair replacement has changed, surgery became available for a steep price. Topical treatments got FDA approval for hair regrowth and toupees transitioned into a more natural form of hair replacement called hair grafts.

Revolutionary Hair Grafts

Hair grafts are different because they are bonded with a medical grade adhesive and stay comfortably in place for three to four weeks. It becomes your hair, it acts like it, you can swim, shower and sleep with it. There are many advantages to hair grafts such as affordability and ease of maintenance to name a few.

In the last five years even more innovation has developed. The hair additions or hair grafts are made from a tissue thin material similar to the feel of skin. This allows the hair addition to be virtually undetectable as if it is growing right out of your scalp. You can run your hand through your hair without feeling where it stops and where it starts.

Integration Hair Additions

For women, Images International has hair integration pieces available where your hair is pulled through, crochet style, for added thickness and volume. This is an easy and comfortable solution for women who wish to integrate their own hair into their look.

The world of hair replacement is ever changing and you can always count on Images International to offer the latest products and services. We stayed informed, trained and up to date on all of our products and services.

Free Hair and Scalp Analysis

If you have questions or would like to see these innovations yourself, call for a free consultation at (248) 540-0900.

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